I love new years.  It is my favorite holiday, by far.  Nothing like an agreed upon fresh start — an opportunity to tidy up the office, the inbox (I am proud to say I am at Inbox zero — personal email not work, so not that big an accomplishment — right now), and the mind.  

Ok, now that I’ve written that, I see that I started my 2011 new years post with almost the exact same line.  But it’s true: there is something really powerful about milestones — and I’ve written about this before — that helps make life more manageable and gives things more meaning.  It’s the reason I prefer living in the East and not the west (seasons).  It’s part of what makes the Code for America fellowship program (as well as schools and other fellowship-type programs) hum.  Milestones create a rhythm.  I wish there were more — maybe I’ll try and create some new ones, or start celebrating the quarters more deliberately.

Anyway, for 2012, I’m going to keep the resolutions short and simple.

* Think out loud (i.e., write more in public).  This is a constant refrain for me, and was on my 2011 list.  I did OK in 2011, with some pickup towards the end of the year.  Watch this blog, plus my more tumblr-ish tumblelog, The Slow Hunch.

* Be prepared.  I’m somewhat of an Urgency Addict — I don’t expect to change completely, but I think there are a handful of things I can do to improve.  Likely to do with a tenacious focus on doing the most important thing, perhaps w/ a dash of building a more regular rhythm to things.  This is also not a new resolution, more of an ongoing personal project.

Oh, and I’m going to brush up my coding skills at CodeYear.  That is sweet.

So, see you later 2011.  You were pretty cool.  Howdy 2012, let’s get friendly.